Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mrs. Claus at Halloween

When you wait until THE last minute to plan a Halloween costume, and you are already comfortably in fat pants and a robe...what do you wear for the night of goblins, ghouls, and nutcases?

You piece together an ensemble that you lovingly refer to as...

A DOWN AND OUT MRS. CLAUS!!! (Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom!)

Note: If I had given this more thought, I would have worn a white wig and used ornaments for earrings. I also would have worn a jingle bell necklace. But as I said, LAST MINUTE costume. Notice the Christmas ribbon in my hair and makeshift cotton ball snowman brooch. I also would have given myself a bootie, but as it is this is a flat-bottomed Mrs. Claus.

Here is a video of Down and Out Mrs. Claus's dance moves.

When Jared filmed this video he said, "There will be no music added to this. Your snapping and jingly earrings are enough." Enough for what I might ask?!

Also, as I was walking out to attend a party, he said, "I was wondering if I should be worried about you walking out alone in the dark, but NO ONE would want to touch you in that."

A fat picture. I told Jared, "I am supposed to be a skinny girl in a fat costume, not a chubby girl in a robe." The double chin in this picture does little to support this concept.

He admits to making this as unflattering as possible. 

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